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Ethereality is the first book by Libby L. Taylor. The chapbook consists of poetry that has been recognised around the world and published across multiple literary journals. 

Ethereality was inspired by the book's title poem with the same name, and focuses on the messiness of life as well as its beautiful moments. 

Libby's book is available from 11th November 2020 in paperback, eBook, and audiobook format. 

Want to know how The Big Bad Wolf became evil? How did he cross paths with Little Red Riding Hood's grandma - and herself? Where did he come from?

In Libby's latest short story she puts a twist on the classic tale available on Halloween. 

The tale is published by Analogies and Allegories Literary Magazine. 

Wave to Me at Sundown

Wave to Me at Sundown is a new short story written by Libby L. Taylor and published by Eclectic Magazine in their sixth issue titled, Human. 

The short story is inspired behind humans' relationships with our families, animals and nature.


Reviewed as a stunning, alluring piece, the story follows the life of a young girl who, with her parents watch a pod of orcas who come to visit the coves they live by each year. The love of the human family and the orca family is mirrored to the girl as she retells her childhood of living in a financially struggling household. 



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Libby L. Taylor is a globally published poet and writer. She is originally from Leicestershire, England, but has spent most of her life living in the north of England in Sheffield. 

She is currently an undergraduate student studying English Literature and Creative Writing at university.

She works as a news journalist for the award-winning newspaper, The Linc, as well as working as a fiction editor for The Lincoln Review. She is also a contributing writer for magazines such as The Indiependent and The Collective Magazine.

Her work has featured in a wide range of literary journals across the world such as, Vaughan Street Doubles, Yellow Paint Magazine, Pendemic, Eris & Eros review and Flare Literary Journal.

In The Press

In the Press

We were extremely captivated by the creativity in your voice and skillful command of language in your poems.

We loved how the poems were rich with sensory details as well as the speaker's experiences and anecdotes.

We love your work! Incredibly powerful words, true always, but especially in the present moment. 

Your writing is powerful and deserves a lot of praise and attention. 

I just read (14th July and South Common.) Both were truly well written. I loved the imagery you created for South Common. 

The Lumiere Review. 
Yellow Paint Magazine.
SA Dar.

News & Events

News and Events


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